The property consists of a large landlocked summer housing field located in Fasoula, Limassol District.

The asset is located within the boundaries of the village and circa 300m from the Limassol – Fasoula main road.

The asset has irregular shape and light sloping surface.

The field totals 67.225 sqm of which 45.000 sqm is within zone Π1 (residential) and 22.225 sqm is within zone Z1 (protection).

The immediate area consists of vacant agricultural fields and new residential developments.

The asset is in close proximity to Limassol city centre.

The field is zoned as Π1 (residential) with 15% building density, 15% coverage, 2 floors and a maximum height of 8,3m and as Z1 (protection) with 1% building density, 1% coverage, 1 floors and a maximum height of 5m.

Ownership held: 4% (2.689 of 67.225 sqm)


Reg. No. : 0/14542

All urban features must be checked with the proper authorities. The Bank has the right to review the selling prices without any prior notice.

Additional Details

District Limassol
Area/Village Fasoula
Type Field
Vat Plus Vat
Title deed Yes
Coverage ratio 15%, 1%
Max floors 2, 1
Max height 8,30, 5,00 m
Sheet 54
Plan 26
Plot 105


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