The asset comprises of a field and a share of two adjacent fields in Pegeia, Paphos.

The asset is located c. 1,4km northwest of Mavrokolimpos dam, 400m northeast of Pegeia – Akoursos road and c. 1,7km northeast of the sea.

The asset has an area of c. 27,828sqm (14,382sqm, 11/103 share of 34,560sqm and 7/12 share of 16,723sqm). It benefits from a total frontage of c. 665m along registered footpaths on its north, northeast and south borders. No distribution agreement is in place.

The immediate area comprises of agricultural as well as undeveloped parcels of land.

The three fields falls within three planning zones:

-41,446sqm fall into agricultural zone Γ3 with 10% building density, 10% coverage, in 2 floors and a maximum height of 8,3m.

-20,763sqm fall into residential zone Π3α with 25% building density, 25% coverage, in 2 floors and a maximum height of 8,3m.

-3,456sqm protection zone Z3 with 1% building density, 1% coverage, in 1 floor and a maximum height of 5m.


Reg. No.: 0/43380 (14,382sqm), 0/39696 (11/103 share of 34,560sqm), 0/39726 (7/12 share of 16,723sqm)

Important note: The property is currently in tender process. Interested parties are welcome to submit their bids at the latest by 16/04/2021.

All urban features must be checked with the proper authorities. The Bank has the right to review the selling prices without any prior notice.

Additional Details

District Paphos
Area/Village Pegeia
Type Field
Vat Plus Vat
Title deed Yes
Coverage ratio 10%, 25%, 1%
Max floors 2, 2, 1
Max height 8,30, 8,30, 5,00 m
Sheet 45
Plan 17
Plot 655, 656, 657
Block 00


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